We regularly conduct tailored educational seminars to promote concepts for healthier living to the greater community, including seminars at the local senior centers. We also provide sport-specific clinics that address the factors that cause injury and focus on helping athletes reduce their risk of injury and enhance their performance.

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Past Events:

Blackstone Valley Business Expo in Northbridge

Uxbridge Senior Center Diabetes Exericse and Nutrition                                                             Knowledge at Night: Surviving Cancer

Uxbridge Youth Softball/baseball Golf Tournament                                                                       Uxbridge Police/ Fire education

Pop Warner Football Proper Stretching Seminar for Coaches                                                      Millville Senior Center:  Living with Arthritis

Pop Warner Cheerleading Proper Stretching Seminar for Coaches                                           Dan Stefanilo Town Loop Challange 5K

Knowledge at Night Series: Nuts and Bolts of Joint Replacement with Dr John Mulroy        Fall Fun Fest at Lydia Taft House

Sutton Senior Center: Why is the room spinning? Understanding Vertigo                               Uxbridge Senior Center: Vertigo vs Dizziness

Douglas Senior Center Health and Wellness Fair