Our dedicated therapists continually seek the latest research regarding evaluation and treatment techniques so they can work with each patient to design an individualized program to help them achieve goals specific to his/her lifestyle and activity level.
Multidisciplinary Team Approach
All services in one convenient location
All of us here at Uxbridge Orthopedic & Sports Therapy, are dedicated to providing exceptional Physical, Speech, and Nutrition Counseling and Massage therapies, with the finest and most comprehensive rehab care possible to each of our patients. Professionalism and  dedication to our craft and patients are our hallmark.  Unique amongst our competitors, we provide ONE-ON-ONE care for 40 minute treatments, and you will be see ONLY BY YOUR THERAPIST!
Dedicated to our Community
Offering work-study and internships
In addition to providing high quality services to our patients, we are also dedicated to the surrounding towns and residents to ensure their understanding of healthcare issues, prevention and care. We provide outreach services to schools, community centers, and senior centers to educate on a spectrum of healthcare topics.
Resume your active and healthy lifestyle
Each of our Therapists has shown their dedication to the field with over 25 years of experience!  Each Uxbridge Orthopedic & Sports Therapist have received specialized certification in techniques such as Vestibular Therapy, “Back to Golf” certification, Cancer Care certification, Myofascial Release, Graston Techniques, Muscle Energy Techniques and Wound Care.
State of the Art Equipment
Examination of symptoms using latest technology
Uxbridge Orthopedic & Sports Therapy has the latest in therapy equipment to compliment our hands on approach….they provide a multitude of electrical stimulation, ultrasound, laser therapies, as well as a full compliment of  exercise equipment that you may find in a gym.

Meet our team


Brenda Fitzgerald, PT

Cheryl Betterton, PT Senior Therapist


Coreyann Poly, PhD, RD, CDE


Susan Apicella, CCC/SLP

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For Professionals

Teenager with Sports Knee Injury

Patient is a 17 year old very athletic/active male who plays multiple sports ie. football… Read full answer

Elder with Knee Pain

This 89-year-old patient came to UOST after a prolonged time of knee pain due to a twisted ankle approximately 4 months ago… Read full answer

Running and Knee Pain

Patient is a 43 year old woman who, due to poor patella alignment and poor VMO strength with decreased ITB flexibility and decreased core strength and muscle imbalances at bilateral hips, is unable to run without sharp pain in her right knee… Read full answer



Why choose our clinic?
“My therapist was fabulous…she is knowledgeable, kind, very helpful in explaining and modeling exercises. I was always comfortable and very well cared for.”

– Joyce

Team of Professionals
“Great staff/Really take time to explain therapy/Always willing to work with me when changed needed to scheduled visits/very well versed and professional/always a positive experience coming here for therapy”

– Diane

Useful Resources
“Outstanding! No need for suggestions…staff is super helpful and very caring. Makes it a pleasure to come in and heal. Thank you!”

– Bill

Other Services
“Everything was perfect…would come back! Therapists were easy to work with and office staff was great!”

– Steve